Mexico Aerospace Summit

Event Objectives

  • Learn why Mexico's Aeronautical Industry has grown from 100 U.S. and European manufacturers in 2004 to over 300 in 2015.

  • Gain knowledge of the competitive advantages aerospace manufacturers enjoy in Mexico.

  • Participate in B2B meetings of Mexico's Aerospace Industry.

  • Visit Aerospace Industry manufacturing plants in Queretaro.

  • Visit the Exhibition of "Made in Mexico" Aerospace Products.

  • Interact with Mexico's aerospace products plant managers.

  • Develop an itemized cost operating pro-forma of a potential offshore manufacturing project in Mexico.

  • Hear from industry experts and OEM's about the opportunities to participate in Mexico's Aerospace Industry value chain.

  • Learn details of aerospace intellectual property protection and BASA.

  • Aerospace Industry analysis and trends and why Mexico might be the next frontier for this industry.

  • Labor productivity aspects of the Aerospace Industry in Mexico.

  • Current and future regional aerospace clusters in Mexico.

  • Business dynamics of main Aerospace products manufacturers, demand forecast.

  • Domestic and export markets.

  • Aerospace logistics.

Conferences Costs

USD $500.00 + Tax
For OEM's and Manufacturing Suppliers - Full Access
(includes access to conferences sessions and exhibition floor, meals, B2B Meetings and plant visits)

USD $200.00 + Tax
For OEM's and Manufacturing Suppliers - Limited Access
(includes access to conferences sessions and exhibition floor. Does not include meals, B2B Meetings nor plant visits)

Fee doesn't include hotel, air transportation

(Consultants, Lawyers, 3PL, Accountants, HR, Real Estate, Industrial Developers, Shelter Service Providers, Competitors of Sponsors, etc.) are welcome at a fee of USD $1,500.00 per person under a limited participation basis. Please contact our office for details.)

Platinum Sponsor

State of Queretaro


Industry experts and manufacturers with facilities in Mexico will make presentations throughout the event to help newcomers and experienced executives shape their business, trade and manufacturing strategies in Mexico.

You will hear from industry leaders about the fascinating growth and the opportunities to participate in the booming automotive, aerospace and electronics industries value chains in Mexico.

You will gain deeper knowledge about OEMs supply chain plans in Mexico, manufacturing cost reduction options, intellectual property protection and labor and fiscal trends affecting foreign firms in Mexico.

B2B Meetings

Mexico's Manufacturing and maquiladora industries are growing significantly and the automotive, aerospace, electronics, electrical and medical sectors need to expand their supply base.

The Aerospace Summit will match potential buyers and suppliers in pre-arranged, one-to-one, private meetings. The program will allow participants to identify new potential business partners and request meetings based on their choices.

OEMs will have a permanent B2B location throughout the event and suppliers will visit them in accordance to 20'-meetings schedules. This format will make it very efficient for buyers and suppliers to come together, network and make new business connections.

For Conference Phone Registration

USA : 1 877 864 8528
Mexico : 01 800 170 1010
+52 (614) 414-8640
+52 (614) 414-8638

Or contact our independent representative in the U.S.
(915) 603-3101, (915) 449-5404


Queretaro Congress Center

Queretaro Congress Center
Paseo de las Artes #1531-B
Colonia Centro Sur
Querétaro, México 06600
Phone: +52 (442) 238-6400

email contact :

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